• Farnsworth House Inn
On the ghost tour of the Farnsworth House Inn
located in Gettysburg, PA. The team catches the
door opening up on it's own. While this is an
inconclusive piece of evidence, it's convenient the
tour guide had just finished explaining to the group
the idea that a young boy named "Jeremy" haunts
the building and is a known prankster at the
Farnsworth House Inn.
  • The Screaming Village of Tohopeka
This piece of video was captured on a day trip for
research at the Horseshoe Bend National Military
Park. Located in Dadeville, AL. This location has a
bloody history of General Andrew Jackson's bloody
slaughter of the Native Americans here. A.P.R.T. Was
also fortunate enough to capture photographic
evidence that this place may have some type of
paranormal activity.
  • The Josephine Hotel
This Video/EVP was caught at the Josephine Hotel in
Union Springs, AL. Listen as the ghostly voice of a
woman responds to the investigator asking for
something to touch the box.
  • The Port Columbus National Naval
The video here was captured on one of 2 investigations
conducted by the Alabama Paranormal Research Team
at the Port Columbus National Civil War Naval Museum.
Located in Columbus, GA. This is just part of several
pieces of evidence gathered by our team from this
location. See more information on how you can see this
evidence on the SEA GHOSTS Tour held at Port
Click here for information on the Sea
Ghosts Tour at Port Columbus.
  • Sloss Furnace
This video was captured in January 2011 at Sloss
Furnace in Birmingham, Alabama. It appears to be
shadow people in broad day light! These figures have
been seen on the grounds many times by patrons and
park officials.
that every person viewing these videos please take into consideration that all efforts are taken to prove a source
of natural phenomenon that can cause something "seeming" to be paranormal. In each video listed on this page
all efforts to prove a source were not conclusive so we list these videos as evidence or inconclusive evidence of
the paranormal
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