The Alabama Paranormal Research Team is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research
and investigation of all things paranormal. Our team covers the south-eastern United States and we
work closely with other teams located throughout the region to provide excellent resources and

Our research is composed of investigating the paranormal from the scientific perspective of ghost
phenomenon cryptids, and UFOs.  We investigate homes, businesses, properties, ETC.
Our mission as paranormal investigators and researchers is to provide our clients with the best
possible explanation for reports of potential paranormal activity. We work to spread paranormal
awareness and strive to maintain a professional and organized team. We use scientific methods
and techniques to establish evidence for our clients and use the very latest state of the art equipment
for our investigations.

Our researchers and Investigators put our clients needs first and a thorough investigation is
provided  for each established client. The Alabama Paranormal Research Team has been
organized since 2005 and each member is carefully selected based on experience, technical
knowledge, and clean criminal background.

We offer our services in a discrete and confidential manner and our investigations are always FREE!

If you think you may be in need of our service, please contact us.
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