• (Above Photo's) This photo was
    taken in the Horseshoe bend
    National Military Park in Dadeville,
    AL. Caught by complete accident by
    Faith Serafin while training our Jr.
    Investigators. We where shocked to
    see this image in daylight. The
    location the picture was captured was
    near the Indian village that was once
    During Indian removal days Andrew
    Jackson's troops burned the village
    to the ground along with whom ever
    was still in it. Jr. Investigator "Jason"
    had no idea this "being" was only feet
    from him.
  • (Top Left Photo) This image was also submitted to us by Bert Overton.
    Investigator for our North Alabama Divison. It was sent to him from friends
    on an Investigation of a local site in Cullman. The picture was taken in the
    doorway of a home that has since been torn down. The story tells of a
    family whom was murdered in this location. The apparition of a small girl
    has been reported here regularly. Details are still under investigation at
    this time.
  • (Above photo's) These photo's taken by Cassie Clark in September 2007
    also is a good example of the difference between dust orbs and brighter
    solid color orbs. Also known as cemetery Lights. The arrows show the
    brighter solid color orbs and if you look in the middle of the photo at
    toward the top you will see the transparent orb which is just dust.
    Typically these "Cemetery Lights" are visible with the naked eye.
  • This photo was submitted to us by anonymous
    military personnel. The image you see here is of
    Beau Moreland, and Jason Collier and of one other
    person taking the photo. These where the only 3
    people in the tent during the time the photo was
    taken. This Special Forces compound is located
    just 2 kilometers off the Pakistan border. Look
    closely at the photo and you can clearly see an
    apparition in the photo just behind Jason and Beau.
    Also note that the apparition appears to have no
    feet (as would be viewable under the chair) and
    either an ACU or DCU uniform, with a boonie cap
    (much like the gentlemen sitting in the photo on the
  • The Photo above was taken on December 30, 2008 at Harper Hill Church and cemetery in
    Tallasee, Al. By Founder and Lead Investigator Faith Serafin. It was taken inside the
    cemetery during an EVP session while conducting a training exercise with our Junior
    investigators.  The picture appears to have the face of a woman looking just over the
    shoulder of one of our Junior investigators. Several other photo's where taken at the time
    the image was captured and there was no face or mist  in the pictures. This image is clearly
    not matrixing and with no wispy mist or film in the photo it clearly shows the face of this
    woman. Also we just happen to be sitting on the grave of the Harper woman buried there
    while doing our EVP Session. The image on the left has been digitally enhanced so that the
    image can be seen better. Honestly we tried to recreate the face thinking it was a reflection
    of some sort and we could not duplicate it. There is simply not enough light inside the
    cemetery even with many flash lights or reflective surfaces. Currently I have no explanation
    for the image. While I was sure I could reproduce the image. I could not! Our team is still
    baffled by this image and by far can say this is one of our very best paranormal photo's!
  • This Photo was taken by investigator in training Karen Davis July 4th 2009
    on a random trip through down town Columbus, Ga. The building you see
    here is the old YMCA. Currently we have not set out to debunk this photo
    and according to Karen there is no street light to her knowledge that
    would have reflected here. Upon viewing this photo it does appear that
    the light source is between that of the camera and the door itself. As well
    as the light in reference to reflection doesn't seem to wash up onto the
    pain of glass in the door so I have ruled out the possibility of it being a
    flash from the camera. To our knowledge the building is closed and no
    one stays inside the location. An oddity in itself, we will be investigating
    this photo further to establish whether or not it is paranormal.
Furnace inside the underground tunnel were multiple
apparitions have been seen and countless, paranormal,
experiences have taken place. These photos were taken
just seconds apart.